The Baldwin Legacy: Baldwin is about more than pianos— it’s about peerless quality and the absolute best-sounding and best-playing pianos anywhere.The company got its start in 1862, when beloved Cincinnati-based piano teacher Dwight Hamilton Baldwin launched a Decker Brothers piano dealership. In 1866, he hired Lucien Wulsin as a clerk, and the two eventually became partners in the venture, at the time named D.H. Baldwin & Company.Since then, Baldwin has become the only American piano company to make and distribute quality pianos to all price ranges and aspects of the piano market. The handmade Artist Grands, built at the Trumann Factory in the U.S.A., are among the finest anywhere, at any price. Baldwin pianos are famous for their touch, tone, and durability.History is extremely important to the Baldwin brand. Baldwin has been in the business for 150 years and has become the piano of choice for the world’s hottest artists, including Aaron Copeland, Liberace, Dave Brubeck, Marian McPartland, Ben Folds and Miley Cyrus.The most important aspect of technology in Baldwin pianos is their scale design. The scale design is the “recipe” for the piano that consists of the materials used and all specifications, including the exact shape of the sound boards, the placement of the bridges and ribs, the length of the strings and the thickness of the rims and bracing. But it doesn’t stop there. The Accu-just hitchpins and Synchro-tone bass strings used on ArtistGrands are also important Baldwin innovations.Fans of Baldwin pianos love the big “American” sound of the instruments, particularly in the bass area, and the clear “bell-like” quality in the high treble end. Fans of Baldwin vertical pianos love the beautiful cabinetry of the Acrosonic models and the durability of the institutional models.
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Midlothian, VA 23113


Baldwin BP165    MSRP $24,495
Baldwin SF10    MSRP $76,500
Baldwin M1    MSRP $44,100
Baldwin BP148    MSRP $20,145

Peabodys Piano Co.

Baldwin B252   MSRP $11,495
Baldwin B49    MSRP $10,225
Baldwin BP152    MSRP $22,695

Our Brands

Baldwin R1    MSRP $48,300
Baldwin L1    MSRP $50,700
Baldwin SD10    MSRP $103,500
Baldwin BP190    MSRP $40,295

Baldwin Pianos

Baldwin B122   MSRP $8,625
Baldwin B120/BP1   MSRP $7,985
Baldwin B124/BP3   MSRP $9,265
Baldwin B125/BP5    MSRP $9,585
Baldwin B342    MSRP $9,265
Baldwin B442   MSRP $9,265
Baldwin B243    MSRP $9,265