At Peabodys Piano Company, our instructors care about all levels of musical development. From toddlers to adults we specialize in creating a warm atmosphere where each student's creativity can blossom and talent transform into beauty.

It is our belief that the piano is both an artistic and intellectual tool of human development-capable of tapping into many talents and abilities that range beyond just the musical. These principles guide us as we strive to musically and intellectually enrich the human mind.

Scientific studies have proven the beneficial effects of learning a musical instrument not just for children but  for senior adults as well. Learning music inspires relaxation, boosts brain waves, and increases hand eye muscle coordination. Seniors who play music at any skill level are generally happier and healthier people. And, the fact is, YOU CAN DO IT!!! Even if you've never taken a single lesson in your life. Start today. As part of the wonderful experience of aging, taking piano lessons for beginners is a wonderful way to unlock those doors and begin making that music you have always wanted to play on a piano.

It's not just for kids. 

Children taking music lessons in Richmond, VA

At Peabodys Piano Co. we are dedicated to providing education in all areas of music, including:

Voice : Bring out the inner singer and learn breath support, tone control, diction and phrasing in all genres of singing from Classical to Pop/Rock to Broadway!

Guitar : Electric or Acoustic, Heavy Metal or Classic Rock, learning guitar teaches music theory, chords, lead sheets and more!

Violin: An instrument that resonates throughout the ages, our professional violinists consistently perform throughout Richmond with the symphony and in chamber concerts. 

Brass/Woodwind: For students in orchestra settings who would love some added help with their particular instrument we can cater to your needs from saxophone to oboe to trombone. Stop by today! 

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We are proud to provide high quality music lessons in voice, piano, guitar, and violin to students of all ages within the Richmond, Chesterfield, Midlothian, and Powhatan areas!
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